Mission development

Leveraging the scalability of the iEPS thrusters, SPL is currently developing a highly efficient, highly capable propulsion module called TILE, shown below. This module is capable of delivering significant thrust and DV for autonomous orbit raising, as well as three axis attitude control, in less than 0.5U of a standard Cubesat. The design study below is capable of autonomously reaching lunar space, provided proper launch trajectory.


TILE design study: Delivering significant orbit change capability to Cubesats

The design study shown above is capable of autonomously rising a 300km orbit within 20 days of firing up to 700km with enough propellant left to actively deorbit again, or of reaching lunar space within 50days of thrusting, provided a suitable launch trajectory. 

Orbital simulation of autonomously raising of a suitable launch orbit to reach lunar space using electrospray propulsion
Asteroid encounter mission analysis using electrospray propulsion, courtesy of C. Whitlock


For further information, please contact David Krejci