PhD thesis

Title Year Author Institute  
Spacecraft Charging and Attitude Control Characterization of Electrospray Thrusters on a Magnetically Levitated Testbed
2017 Mier Hicks, Fernando MIT Cambridge, MA  
Electrochemistry of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids with Applications to Electrospray Propulsion
2016 Masuyama, Kento MIT Cambridge, MA  
Engineering Ionic Liquid Ion Sources for Ion Beam Applications 2016 Perez Martinez, Carla MIT Cambridge, MA  
Electrically-Assisted Evaporation of Charged Fluids: Fundamental Modeling and Studies on Ionic Liquids 2016 Coffman, Chase MIT Cambridge, MA  
On the identification and mitigation of life-limiting mechanisms of ionic liquid ion sources envisaged for propulsion of microspacecraft 2015 Brikner, Natalya MIT Cambridge, MA  
Non-thermal plasmas in flames and other inhomogeneous environments 2015 Guerra-Garcia, Carmen MIT Cambridge, MA  
Fabrication of High-Throughput Critical-Angle X-ray Transmission Gratings for Wavelength-Dispersive Spectroscopy 2013 Bruccoleri, Alexander MIT Cambridge, MA  
Development of the Plasma Thruster Particle-in-Cell Simulator to Complement Empirical Studies of a Low-Power Cusped-Field Thruster 2013 Gildea, Stephen MIT Cambridge, MA  
An Exploration of Prominent Cusped-Field Thruster Phenomena: The Hollow Conical Plume and Anode Current Bifurcation 2012 Matlock, Taylor MIT Cambridge, MA  
Ionic Liquid Ion Source Emitter Arrays Fabricated on Bulk Porous Substrates for Spacecraft Propulsion 2012 Courtney, Daniel MIT Cambridge, MA  
Technology Survey and Performance Scaling for the Design of High Power Nuclear Electric Power and Propulsion Systems 2011 White, Daniel MIT Cambridge, MA  
Two-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Radio-Frequency Ion Engine Discharge 2010 Tsay, Michael MIT Cambridge, MA  
Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of a Hall Thruster Plume 2007 Aziz, Yassir MIT Cambridge, MA  
Experimental and Computational Studies of Electric Thruster Radiation Emission 2007 Celik, Murat MIT Cambridge, MA  
Modeling of Hall Thruster Liftetimes and Erosion Mechanisms 2007 Cheng, Shannon MIT Cambridge, MA  
Advances in Fully-Kinetic PIC Simulations of a Near Vacuum Hall Thruster and Other Plasma Systems 2007 Fox, Justin MIT Cambridge, MA  
A Fully Microfabricated Two-Dimensional Electrospray Array with Applications to Space Propulsion 2007 Gassend, Blaise MIT Cambridge, MA  
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Hall Thruster Miniaturization 2007 Warner, Noah MIT Cambridge, MA  
Numerical Simulation of a Single Emitter Colloid Thruster in Pure Droplet Cone-jet Mode 2005 Carretero, Jorge MIT Cambridge, MA  
The Design, Fabrication and Testing of Micro-fabricated Linear and Planar Electrospray Thruster Arrays 2004 Velasquez, Luis MIT Cambridge, MA  
Numerical Study of Current Collection by an Orbiting Bare Tether 2002
Onisihi, Tatsuo
MIT Cambridge, MA  
Studies on the Ion-Droplet Mixed Regime in Colloid Thrusters 2002 Lozano, Paulo MIT Cambridge, MA  
Simulation and Design of an Hydrogen Arcjet Thruster Seeded with Cesium 2001 Robertson, Darrel MIT Cambridge, MA  
Fully Kinetic Numerical Modeling of a Plasma Thruster 2001 Szabo, James MIT Cambridge, MA  
Advanced Propulsion for Microsatellites 2000 Khayms, Vadim MIT Cambridge, MA  
Hybrid-PIC Modeling and Electrostatic Probe Survey of Hall Thrusters 1998 Fife, John MIT Cambridge, MA